TP Records

A Minimum
Viable Product

From a simple idea of streamlining business processes we built an MVP for TP Records that has been built up to Version 1, commercially launched, is robust and has proven to be an indispensable business tool.

CodeFish Studio team members in a workshop


From early on TPR realised technology could make their business easier to operate and therefore they could help more people. Exactly what that meant was unknown - the TPR team just knew they wanted to help as many people navigate and make the most of their NDIS plans as they could.

If it is built right, an MVP can create a difference when it goes to market.

CodeFish Studio team members collaborating on a project
CodeFish Studio team members in a workshop


Working closely with TPR we learnt quickly about what they did and what the business broadly wanted to achieve. We were able to identify key processes that could be streamlined utilising technology.

This meant creating user stories, and selecting the most important items utilising the MoSCoW method to select the must haves for the project.

During the project discovery we were able to pinpoint business critical functionality.

The TP Record mobile app


Utilising Agile project methodologies we initially created a MVP with a web admin portal and client app. In Version 1 this has now expanded to a web portal for TPR clients.

The end solution has become a business critical tool that has enabled TPR to expand, hiring more team members and taking on more clients than they ever expected.

Utilising Agile project methodologies and React Native we were able to quickly create and deploy the TPRclient app.

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