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We believe a good and well thought product can transform a business. With TOOL we applied that principle on our own business, resulting in a product that our team relies on, daily, and provides a bird’s eye view on our projects and business operations.

The TOOL octahedron
CodeFish Studio team members in a workshop


We needed a solution that could provide insights into our daily business operations. We wanted to know how projects were going right now, and also be able to look into the future and plan for busy and slow periods.

We couldn’t find an off the shelf solution and we didn’t want to continue using multiple pieces of software that weren’t integrated.

Businesses often guess their financial position in the future without knowing where they are at, right now.

The TOOL interface
CodeFish Studio team members in a workshop


Workshopping with our whole team was essential to understand everyone’s pain points and what could be improved.

While we knew the core of the solution would be software related, the workshop highlighted a need for a hardware solution to help track time.

Workshopping a solution with the whole team was essential to understand everyone’spain points.

The TOOL octahedron


TOOL is our ever-expanding solution that combines time tracking with task management and integrates into our accounting software.

TOOL is integrated with Jira and XERO, and we continually expand features and functionality to aid our business operations.

Our clients, knowing we track activities on a platform, have trust in us and the system.

Prototype development of the TOOL octahedron


We’ve also developed an octahedron to manage time tracking which is a bit more fun than clicking a desktop widget. A tangible reminder on your desk.

TOOL allows the whole team to view what’s needed at anytime, and our clients will soon have a portal they can visit to view and contribute to their projects.

The TOOL interface