The MaxMine mine managers have a large amount of data available to them and they can become overwhelmed with the insights they have on hand. Their biggest challenge is how to take the insights and turn them into actionable items, which generate better results. Our solution offers a simple to use, less confronting way to boost team engagement and increase operator performance.

The MaxMine mobile app
CodeFish Studio developing the MaxMine app


How do we interpret the data gathered across a mine site to change actions or procedures which will have positive effects on the team so we increase efficiency?

A good product should proactively perform tasks and provide feedback, rather than letting the user do the work.

The MaxMine mobile app
A CodeFish Studio team member undertaking a scoping workshop


In our discovery phase with MaxMine, we utilised a user-centred design approach to define key problems on site. Taking these learnings, and with MaxMine we focused on the role operators could play in solving problems.

While ideating potential solutions, we identified gamification as the most impactful way to improve performance management. Following Hick’s Law, we were able to break down overall performance grades into smaller steps, making it easier for operators to recognise opportunities to improve, and feel encouraged by their wins.

Reframing the problem as a self-improvement journey allowed us to focus on high performance.

The MaxMine mobile app


The MaxMine mobile app was designed to encourage healthy competition, incentivise high performance, and strengthen the feedback loop between operators and managers.

Our core focus was communicating progress and success to operators. In doing so, we were able to leverage the goal-gradient effect (the closer users are to completing a goal, the faster they work towards reaching it) to improve performance.

Operators can measure their daily performance against benchmarks, and compete on a leaderboard.

The MaxMine mobile app