Air Diffusion Agencies (ADA) wanted to take their existing smart air conditioning controller, Platinum Elite to another level. We worked with them through User Experience Design, UI Design and Engineering to create a user friendly and scalable solution.

A user interacting with the Platinum Elite air conditioner contoller
CodeFish Studio developing the Platinum Elite air conditioner controller


Smart home technology is forever improving and evolving, ADA wanted to ensure their Platinum Elite air conditioner controller was a market leader. They knew they had to increase the core features and control it offered users, while also providing an engaging user experience when using the air conditioning system.

Focusing on the end user has made Platinum Elite a leader in smart air conditioning products.

The Platinum Elite mobile app with the Platinum Elite air conditioner controller in the background
CodeFish Studio undertaking development planning


We undertook a user experience review and a deep dive into the technical capabilities of the existing solution. This set the path for the UI Design phase and Development Planning.

We focussed on improving the user experience to give the Platinum Elite interface a modern and functional user interface.

The development plan was to improve the underlying technology while adding features and functionality that could be expanded on in the future.

The UI design provided an elegant and functional solution that would compliment any home.

A user interacting with the Platinum Elite air conditioner contoller


Like most smart home solutions Platinum Elite is constantly evolving based on user feedback and industry standards.

Utilising the existing client hardware we were able to build a solution that is easy to use and is expandable utilising a JavaScript tech stack.

Utilising a JavaScript tech stack has removed risk when planning and delivering new features.