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3D Scanning

The design process can be a convoluted and arduous journey. Wherever we can streamline the process and make it more efficient for both us and the client, we will. Our in-house 3D scanning capabilities have allowed us to streamline our concept to CAD approach, reduce the amount of prototyping needed, and improve accuracy on final deliverables.

Engineer at work with a 3D printer


We have the ability to scan a wide range of applications, thanks to our own EinScan HX. We can scan dark or reflective surfaces with high resolution and accuracy up to 0.04mm, offering a final 3D model to our clients who need to reverse engineer a specific part.

Engineer working on a car


Whether designing a product that interfaces with a complex surface or part, or reverse engineering something that is difficult to measure accurately, 3D scanning can help remove a lot of the guess work.

3D scanning provides you with an accurate 3D mesh of your required part/area that you can drop into existing CAD software to use to design your part or product around.

Without a scan, and when dealing with a complex surface or product, you may have to resort to manually measuring, which can be time consuming, and often inaccurate.