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3d Printing

Prototyping your product is key to ensuring it succeeds. Many skip this process as it can be expensive, however overlooking this stage can lead to further issues down the road, often costly ones. 3D printing is a fantastic and cost effective means of quickly prototyping your product, or parts of your product. At CodeFish Studio, we are gradually growing our in-house capabilities to offer this as a service.

3D printed object


Currently we have two printers in our ‘stable’: a Creality CR10S FDM printer and an Anycubic Photon M3 Resin Printer. Our CR10S can print ABS, PLA, and TPU flexible filament, whereas our Anycubic can print a variety of resins such as High Temp, tough, ABS-like, and standard resins.

3D printed object


3D printing can allow you to feel confident about your design before sending it off for final prototyping or production, allowing you to judge function, assembly, scale, and appearance quickly and affordably. This can save you costs when making more expensive prototypes as you can iron out any issues earlier on.

3D printed object


Anycubic Photon M3 Premium (SLA): The more expensive option compared to the CR10S, but higher quality and a faster print. The Photon uses an LCD screen to cure UV Resin layer by layer, producing a detailed and precise part. Due to its great surface finish, we currently use our Photon M3 for any small scale moulds using the high temp resin.

3D printed object


Creality CR10S (FDM): The CR10S is a great, cost effective option, and utilises the most common method of 3D printing: FDM. It’s not as accurate as the Anycubic but is suitable for any low precision jobs. The CR10 is great for testing any parts for injection moulding, seeing how any snap hooks, press fits, tabs, or tech packs fit together.