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User Interface (UI) design is about creating engaging visuals for your users. We believe successful design is about making the complex simple.

CodeFish Studio working on UI Design

Making the

The simplest solution is always the best - we believe best method for reducing complexity is to avoid it in the first place. Our expert team loves to design exciting experiences that simplify complex problems.

CodeFish Studio working on UI Design


User Interface (UI) Design can help you improve the engagement and use of your solution and ultimately create greater success than previously imagined.

Increase Confidence

A strong visual design gives customers confidence in your company and the products you provide. Investing in a carefully designed user interface will build consumer trust and make it easier to attract new users.

Improve Brand Awareness

UI design can be used to bring your brand to life. Colour, text, and tone of voice will help convey your values. Leveraging these design aspects will help your users understand your offering and the value in it.

Improve Conversion

Visually engaging design can elicit powerful emotional and psychological responses in users. Creative and engaging interface design will make users more likely to try your product(s), hold their attention longer, and make them more likely to convert.

Increase Loyalty

Designing a user interface around the needs of your users will help them perform their jobs quicker, or more easily. This personalised, considered experience will build loyalty to your brand and products.

Tech We Use

  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Principle
  • Spline
  • Blender
  • AfterEffects

Digital Design

Our hypercreative team is always looking to push the boundaries of digital design. We’re across all the latest trends and can transform your vision into modern, engaging, and functional design.

  • Digital design for web & mobile
  • Advanced visual design skills for any application
  • In-depth knowledge of design principles

Design Systems

We build design systems that speed up design and development. Your design and/or developer teams work better cross functionally.

  • Best practice architecture
  • Highly efficient building kits for design teams
  • Customisable, on-brand component libraries
  • Organised and documented files and libraries

Visual Identity

We can give your brand an overhaul to give your project the presence and impact it deserves. Our designers can create an aesthetic that is befitting of your industry.

  • Brand refreshes including logo and logotype refinement
  • Branding for sub-brands or products
  • Colour and type treatments

3D, Animation & Motion Design

We have dedicated motion gurus that can bring a still canvas to life. Our designers use elegant solutions to help draw your users’ attention to important information and guide them for a seamless experience.

  • 3D design and rendering
  • Animation enhanced interaction design
  • Data visualisation design and animation

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