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User Experience (UX) design is about creating value in the products that customers use. We use human centered design principles to establish user motivations and behaviours and address points of friction in user journeys.

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Building great products requires users that value and use them. Creating value for customers is a result of understanding their jobs to be done (JTBD), and solving those needs in a simple way.

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User Experience (UX) Design can ultimately save you money! By utilising UX Design practices we will help you define and test your solution before embarking on the solution or product production.

Improve Understanding

UX research will provide an opportunity to better understand where an existing product is succeeding or failing. This understanding will help you address areas of key value to amplify your chances of success.

Increase Value

Early testing and prototyping of ideas will save you from investing in features that your users don’t find valuable. Consultation with your users will lead to a more successful, more polished product that has a clearer evolution roadmap.

Improve Conversion

Solving for your users’ needs with an optimised user experience has the ability to reduce churn rate and create more conversions amongst new and returning users.

Increase Loyalty

Designing a user interface around the needs of your users will help them perform their jobs better. Their personalised, considered experience will build loyalty to your brand.

Tech We Use

  • Miro
  • Figma
  • FigmaTokens
  • Sketch
  • Style Dictionary
  • Google DataStudio
  • HotJar

User Research

We love understanding the drivers behind your users, and conduct thorough research & data analysis to do so objectively. We have a variety of research & analysis tools that can be tailored to your scope.

  • Customer interviews and user tests
  • Insight artefacts like affinity maps, card sorting & maps
  • Analysis of data analytics
  • Growth hacking

Information Architecture

Order and hierarchy is an essential element of surfacing key information to users without overwhelming them. We go into discovery mode for high frequency touch points so that we can prioritise the highest value features in your projects.

  • Prioritisation matrix and workshop facilitation
  • Primary, secondary & tertiary information
  • Labelling, order considerations and diagramming

User Flows & Personas

Prior to visual design, we ideate end-to-end flows based on user insights, user jobs to be done (JTBD) and personas.

  • Site maps, user flows, diagrams and data visualisation.
  • User personas which represent typical profiles and industry segments.
  • Journey maps which explore the thoughts, actions and emotions of users while they employ your product(s).

Prototypes & User Testing

We’re driven to help you succeed and will use data and user testing to validate feature effectiveness prior to build. Low fidelity prototypes are a great way to encourage feedback early in product development.

  • Remote or in person user tests.
  • Design for accessibility and usability standards.
  • Testing, capturing insights and iterating.

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