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Scoping workshops are a crucial phase of building successful products. You will have an opportunity to discuss goals and objectives with us. We will help bring ideas and concepts to life.

CodeFish Studio team members in a scoping workshop

Define Your
Problem Space

Not sure of how this is all going to work? Scoping workshops are all about discussing ideas, opinions and issues. It’s a space where we can help you define your problem or opportunity, and map a path to create the solution.

CodeFish Studio team members in a scoping workshop


Running a scoping workshop at the beginning of any project we undertake will help keep you on track to deliver your solution.

Build a Relationship

Building a relationship built on trust, and good communication is the fabric of a successful long term partnership. We welcome the opportunity to understand your drivers and motivations, and help your realise your goals.

Gain New Insights

Scoping and discovery sessions may uncover new insights or ways of thinking that benefit the overall solution. True innovation is best achieved when we step outside pre-conceived notions of what solutions should look like.

Understand Your Goals

Your business may have longer term goals that must be supported by achieving shorter term goals. Whatever the situation, learning about you and your business will help us support all your goals in a complementary fashion.

Strengthen Your Brand

Understanding your brand will help us strengthen its visual identity in design, along with tailoring an experience to match a tone that resonates with your users.

Tech We Use

  • Miro
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Figma

Discovery Workshop

Our introductory meeting allows us a chance to get to know you, your business and your goals.

Strategy Workshop

From our initial discovery meeting, we’ll have an opportunity to explore potential solutions. We’ll guide you, and work with key stakeholders to establish a roadmap and project scope.

Product Roadmap Workshop

We use a roadmap to highlight the key steps necessary in delivering value to your users and your business. We will involve your key stakeholders to define a minimum viable product (MVP) and prioritise a rollout plan that best supports your strategic goals.

User Research Workshop

Testing is vital as it gives us the opportunity to improve and validate solutions iteratively. Thorough testing can help save much time and cost, along with deliver greater confidence that anything built will be a success.

Clients We’ve Helped

These companies have succeeded from working with us