How We

Our internal process has been designed and refined over the past 10+ years to provide successful outcomes. Our goal is to provide transparency throughout the entire journey and full control over the process.


Discover insights and understand the problem

Project Discovery

Our Discovery phase draws out all the knowledge you and your team have so we can identify business problems we can help solve.

The discovery phase is about researching and defining the scope of the project. A discovery phase is an opportunity for our team to understand the project better. By doing so, we all understand the underlying drivers, not just the initial problem or solution proposed to us.


Define the focus areas and user experience

Tech Review

Our experienced development team will assess your project requirements and determine the foundations required to make it function.

From the early stages of this process, we’ll have our development team involved to support some of the UX decisions that could be strictly related to external integrations (API), or simply a complex feature that requires technical understanding to be defined and designed.

User Experience

Working with analytics and user feedback, our UX team will use best practices to solve user challenges in more efficient, elegant ways.

All the research is done, now we start bringing it all together to create a solution. Our UX designers will start combining post-its with logic flows to represent the steps necessary to complete a User Story. They then ideate and create wireframes to pull all the ideas together into tangible models of the solution.

We strongly encourage running at least one round of user testing to collect valuable feedback from your users, and optimise solutions prior to moving into the User Interface (UI) Design phase.


Design the interface for yourtarget audience

User Interface

Interactions will be designed and our creative designers will help you visualise your user experience as a finished design.

This phase is where we create high-fidelity designs, and bring all the ideas to life. During the UI Design phase we pull together everything we have learnt during the Discovery and Definition phases, you can now see everything workshopped and planned become a reality.

At the end of this stage a prototype is created. This is a perfect time to do product testing with your target audience to make sure the UI is engaging and usable for the end user.


Develop the working software

Development Planning

Engineering requirements will be broken down and assigned to specialists in our team.

The information gathered through Discovery, Definition and Design allows us to move into the Development Planning phase of your project. Before any code is written for your solution, it is critical for us to carry out Development Planning to ensure our engineers are able to execute your solution in a smooth, predictable manner during the Development phase.


Our Engineers embrace everything that has been learnt, designed and planned and create your solution.

Our engineers take great care in what they do, and understand what success looks like. Engineering is likely to be the longest phase of the project and it’s where we turn your ideas into reality!

This process might take months, but we‘ll keep you in the loop with progress updates, and stagger releases where possible.

QA Test

Pre go-live testing

We will conduct thorough testing in conjunction with your team to ensure all developed features function as expected. If any bugs are identified, we will be able to act on them quickly before your launch.


Deliver the most reliable solution


We’ll support you right through the launch of the product and be there to help you celebrate its success.

Release day is certainly one of the most exciting days of a project, the product is about to get released to final users who will start enjoying your product. It is a huge milestone, and one where we will support your team so you can make the most of the moment.

Ongoing Support

We’ll help you maintain your product, and be there to nurture ideas to evolve or expand your product’s capabilities.

We provide ongoing support via maintenance, or new project work to ensure your solution is operating at its best and growing to meet new requirements of your business and users.

Your Vision

Good ideas are incredibly exciting to us. Bringing them to life is our passion.